The Center for Dyslexia and Talent (3rd and 4th emails)

The Center for Dyslexia and Talent (3rd and 4th emails)
July 26, 2017
Dr.  Waldrop,
Several weeks ago, I provided you with an unsolicited idea for developing those students who have a diagnosis of dyslexia at South Alabama.  I believe that I put together a compelling case for why a university like South should consider having a program like this.  If Yale University has made an investment into this issue, I know both its strengths and weaknesses have to be real.  I hope to hear back from you in the coming weeks to get your thoughts on the idea.
Ted Burnett
July 26, 2017
Mr. Burnett,
The University of South Alabama provides support to students who need additional help.  To create a center for dyslexia is an excellent goal.  However, we have to make decisions about numerous great ideas based upon the resources we have.  At this point in time, it is not possible to create such a center.
Tony G. Waldrop, Ph.D.
University of South Alabama


the last word…
July 26, 2017
Dr. Waldrop,
Thanks for writing back. Last week, I read about South’s new “honors college” coming to the campus, I can only imagine  how much that will cost the university to implement and I can only wonder whose ego that really strokes — the universities, students, parents?  We, dyslexics, learn to work with less, pay attention and as a result we’re usually steps ahead of our competition as demonstrated by all the fame, influence and wealth that so many of us have.
On a sad note, the education system has repeatedly lied to us while blowing smoke up the skirts of their honors students.  Looks like more money and fluff is going to the top of the student body and not a dime more for the one demographic with a proven track record of extraordinary success.  That makes no sense except when it comes to feeding egos.
Clearly, you didn’t believe the stories that I sent to you otherwise your reply would be different.  It wasn’t “your” data, it didn’t fit your theory.  That’s unfortunate for your students, for the university and for the city of Mobile.  Over the past decade, American colleges and universities ripped off students and taxpayers with skyrocketing tuition (debt).  Wake up to the truth!

It was a crime where no university president went to jail for delivering the same basic educational product to their students.  I’m sure presidents and their administrators told themselves on pay day that no one got hurt.  Will they did and they still are.  Colleges and universities are going out of business, just not fast enough!

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