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Updated Post with 9-page introduction — Dear Dr. Robert Shiller — Financial Reform Laws Didn’t Resolve Key Problems (Huffington Post)

Updated post with a 11-page introduction. Note: What was intended to be the usual one-page Introduction has slowly evolved into nine pages covering a host of topics that came to mind while writing, which included my need to do a little housekeeping. If you would like to skip the intro and go straight to the two-page essay, it begins on page eleven. This piece was written and shared with Yale’s Dr. Robert Shiller, as well as, posted on my blog, in late October. The introduction came afterwards and has taken much longer to complete. Enjoy! Ted Introduction As I mentioned previously, I added Russian Dmitry Medvedev and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to this audience after stumbling across the president’s website, in July. Inspired by the ease by of my effort,...

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