Saving Capitalism starring Professor Robert Reich [My letter]

Saving Capitalism starring Professor Robert Reich [My letter]

November 27, 2017

Professor Reich,

I just finished watching your documentary titled, Saving Capitalism, on Netflix. I thought it was very interesting and well done. However, I believe your understanding of America’s economic problem as it relates to a healthy middle class balanced against the wealthy is poorly understood. You fail to hold Americans accountable for their role in the transfer of wealth and power to the top. I often think about how America can balance its own trade deficit with China while improving savings. Buy less of their stuff! We suffer from materialism and we’re constantly developing new technology to make it all the more easy to spend our money buying new stuff in a push button society. We don’t need more stuff, we need less.

Many of us have already made our next big purchase in our mind before we have even left the house for the mall. We can’t beat corporate America in Washington, if they do the buying, daily lobbying and we do only the voting. Government policy keeps us obsessed with having the world’s largest economy, at what cost, I ask? We’ve become a spiritually sick society that thinks that alcohol and drugs, lots of money, more material goods, endless hours of internet pornography, sex and violence each night on prime time TV are the solution to our personal troubles.

Government policy encourages citizens to spend everything they make while saving no money for retirement. We’re living beyond our means. The only way to right our ship is to inject God back into the conversation. We don’t need to grow the economy more, we actually need to shrink its size. Every rancher has to cull his herd to save his healthy cattle from getting sick. America is no different and we’ve crossed that threshold. No one wants to acknowledge that God was the real Founding Father of America as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence. We are a spiritual country as seen in Thomas Jefferson’s words.

Ted Burnett
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