Response from the Congressional Oversight Panel

September 30, 2009

I am sharing with you my latest “achievement”. My essay “Corporate consciousness”, which you received, in August, was published as a “letter to the editor” at, an on-line business and leisure magazine. It was also submitted to the Congressional Oversight Panel (COP) by Chairperson Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law Professor and a member of this audience. Her committee was established by Congress, after last year’s financial meltdown, to track the flow of the T.A.R.P (Troubled Assets Relief Program) money in the banking industry.

This is the second time, this year, that I have shared one of my essays with Professor Warren where I later received a letter from her committee. On another note, I have garnered a noticeable increase in praise for my work over the summer. Her decision to forward this piece only furthers the momentum. Good things are happening.

The letter follows.


Congressional Oversight Panel
732 North Capitol Street, NW
Rooms: C-320 and C-617
Mailstop: COP
Washington, DC 20401

September 29, 2009,

Dear Mr. Burnett ,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with the Congressional Oversight Panel.

As part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, Congress established the Panel to oversee the U.S. Department of Treasury’s administration of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and to provide recommendations for future regulatory reform. To fulfill that mission, the Panel is empowered to hold hearings, review official data, and provide regular reports to Congress and the American public. These reports can be found at

Because the Panel relies on direct input from the American people in going about our work, we appreciate your views and will endeavor to take them into account in our ongoing oversight work.

We are approaching our work with great urgency and seriousness. We will do our best to ensure that the Treasury Department uses TARP funds in a transparent, accountable, and responsible manner and that reforms to the financial regulatory system are adopted in a way that serves the best interests of the American public. Thank you for your contribution to this effort..


Elizabeth Warren


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