Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) bill allowing lawmakers to be armed is more self-delusion.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) bill allowing lawmakers to be armed is more self-delusion.

June 19, 2017

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) bill allowing lawmakers to be armed is more self-delusion.


Ted Burnett

Representative Mo Brooks is introducing a bill today in the House of Representatives, Washington, DC, allowing lawmakers to be armed. After all, his name was on the list of those to be killed in last week’s mass shooting at the Republican baseball practice by James Hodgkinson. It sounds like a reasonable solution to the obvious problem of highly-armed constituents traveling hundreds of miles to take a shot at members of Congress. However, guns aren’t the problem.

If you’re an elected official and your constituents repeatedly give your institution (Congress) an approval ratings of 20% or less, would you really be all that surprised that they may become mad enough to track you down and shoot you for not getting the people’s work done, in a timely manner, all the while you’re getting paid by the very same people?

Would you eat at a restaurant or sleep at a hotel with an approval ratings of 20% or less from the health department? Would you let a doctor or dentist whose approval ratings of 20% or less from his patients work on you? The country is a mess. Government spending including defense, healthcare, higher education, new homes, new cars and trucks have become so expensive because of all the government’s new rules and regulations put on the backs of American families.

There are many choices in where one can eat, sleep, get medical and dental care, but there’s only one federal government with its three branches. It either works well or it doesn’t, but regardless we have no other choice. Therefore, it must work to the best of its ability or otherwise we will all suffer. To some gridlock might make for good politics, but it doesn’t work well when you need first responders for an emergency or while you’re in a hospital waiting on lifesaving medical treatment.

Mo Brooks tells Fox he will introduce bill allowing lawmakers to be armed


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