PBS: American Forum with Douglas Blackmon (We look like a bunch of drunks…)

PBS: American Forum with Douglas Blackmon (We look like a bunch of drunks…)

Ted Burnett
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Mr. Blackmon,

The following email is written out of great respect, I’ve watched your program and others most weeks on PBS. However, after the attacks of 9/11, two prolonged wars with no victories and the 2008 global credit crisis, the home foreclosure crisis that led to mass unemployment while an education arms race took place driving up the cost of a college education. It created massive student loan debts backed by our federal government resulting in no prospects for jobs and finally random acts of global terrorism. I see no interest by your generation to understand the current path that America is on before retiring. We look like a bunch of drunks trudging down the street with a sign post reading “Dead End”. No one in charge seems to care.

I’ve never seen where a series poor decisions resulted in bad outcomes have occurred, like the ones that America has recently experienced, only to have the pilot of the plane pull the nose up and out of his death spiral to save the day. The United States is facing a crisis and its hardly mentioned on the evening news or on programs like yours.

There are no plans in Congress to pay down the growing $20 trillion national debt or to fix “too big, too fail”, the cost of healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid, education, higher education, Social Security or any of the problems facing the United States. Today’s American Forum concluded with an applause by your audience in the Miller Center at the University of Virginia. The media and talk shows discuss subjects that never result in the audience getting pissed off. Surely, you and your guests can’t be speaking the truth given the times.

The greatest case study in modern times “the breakup of an empire called America and no one cares to study it, to understand it, to protest it, to fix it before its too late”. Not Congress, not Harvard, not the Brookings or MacArthur. How do I become a guest on your show? I can match wits with just about anyone. I’ve had enough of the so-called experts coming onto shows like yours saying — bah, bah, bah. David Brooks and Mark Shields do it every night on PBS’ The News Hour. What a waste of a lot of donor money to put these shows on the air and piss no one off! I can only guess that its deliberate.

Ted Burnett

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