Part II: Second thoughts on “Decrimnalizing prostitution”

March 20, 2008

Second thoughts on “Decriminalizing prostitution”


Ted Burnett

In hindsight, I think Dr. Kelly’s unspoken argument was really about how a favorite politician of hers, Eliot Spitzer, a former U.S. Attorney and a rising star in the Democratic Party, got snared by his former master – the U.S. legal system, thus abruptly severing his brilliant career while occupying the office of New York’s Governor and his ultimate rise to the political summit.

Illicit sex has brought down the best of us and some of the sickest from politicians, preachers and teachers… engaged in acts of prostitution, homosexuality and pedophilia. Is there a single reason why we should just sit back and wait for the next shoe to drop, for the next reputation to be ruined and career go up in flames, when we could easily legislate this moral problem away?

What inner turmoil was churning inside Eliot Spitzer and/or taking place between him and his attractive wife that would lead him to spend $80,000, like some cokehead, on a 22 y/o female playing prostitute from another dysfunctional home rather than seek personal or marriage counseling for a far substantially less dollar amount and all the “free” sex from his dear ol’ wife without any hangover? Who’s the real victim in all this mess – the high priced hooker, Eliot or his wife and three teenage daughters or the Democratic Party and it’s future U.S. President?

If you don’t have anything against prostitution and see nothing wrong with it, then I would suggest that you get your happy self downtown tonight dressed in your best drag outfit and start working the darken sidewalks and street corners asking every drive-by john if they would like a date.

Only a wounded soul would compromise their integrity and sell their soul each and every workday, but then isn’t that what American capitalism is all about. We are just selling our souls for the almighty dollar, but at least some of us get to cum.

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