Parrott Heads — Dear Mayor Stimpson

Parrott Heads — Dear Mayor Stimpson

An in-depth look at the world of “Parrot Heads”, the loyal fan base of Jimmy Buffet.

July 6, 2017

Mayor Stimpson,

Last week, I discovered on Netflix the documentary, Parrot Heads, which is a new release (2017). The film tells the story of Mobile’s own singer-songwriter, musician, best-selling author, actor, businessman Jimmy Buffett getting started in the music business in Nashville, TN with the help of fellow Mobilians Milton Brown and Travis Turk before finding a home in Key West, FL. The film takes the audience around the country to meet Parrot Heads attending different shows and festivals including to the Cheeseburger Festival (33:32), which is held in Caseville, MI. Ever heard of it? Caseville held their first Jimmy Buffett festival 16 years ago for one weekend. Today, the festival runs for 10 days and brings 75,000 Parrot Heads to town. Mobile should consider taking a page out of their book and put on our own festival. The timing is right. I would encourage you and everyone else copied to watch the documentary and the trailer. You’ll know what to do next! Hearing Caseville’s story inspired me to stop the documentary and to write to you.

This event could get travelers driving on I-10 to stop.

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