Out with the old and in with the new!

Out with the old and in with the new!

July 5, 2017

Out with the old and in with the new!


Ted Burnett

“Every great idea starts out as a blasphemy.”

– Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)

British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer…

The old idea has been to let our broken, democratic process to continue to grind. We’re taking a wait and see approach. Can the two parties come together and solve some of our nation’s most pressing problems. So far, they seem unable to and no one seems happy with the latest outcomes. Our political system appears rigged, corrupt favoring the establishment with their familiar names, their large campaign war chests who have long run out of ideas for restoring our nation’s health over fresh blood, new names along with their reasons for running. The Democrats seem determined to dismantle what made America great while Republicans have never met a tax that couldn’t be lowered a little more.

The rich give the money while we deliver the vote. The system’s blood is old and stale, but continues to grow without limits. Our federal government seems to have finally lost all control over its waistline. Can Congress and the President bankrupt our government out of some foolish pride unwilling to work together at the well-being of Americans? Every member of Congress takes an oath “to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States against enemies, both, foreign and domestic…” Could their own actions make them a domestic enemy to all Americans? The new idea is to point our guns and bayonets at the system, at its players and run them out of town and if necessary shoot, first! Sounds crazy, doesn’t?  Keep reading…

Its 2017, just three federal programs known as mandatory spending, Social Security ($1.39 trillion or 33%), Medicare and Medicaid, ($1.17 trillion or 28%) made up some 61% of this year’s budget (See Graph: A). Based on current spending levels, Congress has less than 13 years to make the necessary adjustments to eliminate and/or reduce the national debt while re-balancing the rest of the federal budget before 2030 otherwise our government will only be able to service these three programs and the interest on the national debt. All other federal departments, agencies and programs will be closed and out of business. What will we do then?

“It’s a lot like running up credit card debt: As long as you can pay the interest charges on your credit card debt, you can live way beyond your means. In fact, we as a nation are living way beyond our means, and for a period of time, there’s no doubt we’ve demonstrated you can get away with it. But I think we only need to look at the fate of other countries who’ve lived beyond their means for a long time to see you inevitably get into trouble…. The day you can no longer service your debt, you’re finished!” (2008)

– Paul O’Neill, 72nd U.S. Secretary of Treasury under President George W. Bush.

America was built on many truths and today’s politicians and bureaucrats know only how to tell lies to the media and to the citizen-taxpayer. Are we driving the ship in the right direction? Since 9/11, since 2008, I would say, “Hell no!” and yet many of the same names are at the helm of the USS America. We face a crisis over our very existence and nobody is even talking about it!

We wonder why things aren’t getting any better when both parties re-elect the same leaders to run their parties in Congress. It looks like they’re both out of new ideas. I’ve been told that both parties use to meet for lunch once a week to maintain a cordial friendship and to talk about issues and then someone thought that tradition made for bad politics and so the weekly luncheon with the other party came to an end. Now, the rhetoric has gone up between them, in the media and among Americans. We all seem to be at each other’s throat. Instead, of working together to solve our country’s real problems the two parties are working against each other resulting in our nation’s demise.

There are the pressing problems that the American people know about. There are the problems that only Congress and the President know about and then there are the problems that even Congress and the President don’t know about. Given America’s track record of the past sixteen years, I can only imagine what the citizen-taxpayer is in for. We all can see the tip of the iceberg, but nothing below the water’s surface.

Graph: A

Graph: B

2030 Projected Federal spending

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

> 75% of the 2030 budget

Interest on the Debt

< 25% of the 2030 budget

All other government departments, agencies and programs

= 0%


2017 U.S. Federal Budget (Graph: A); https://media.nationalpriorities.org/uploads/publications/2017_budget_in_pics_final.pdf

I.O.U.S.A: Byte-Sized –30 minute (Graph: B — 13:11); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_TjBNjc9Bo

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