No alcohol, no Mardi Gras!

No alcohol, no Mardi Gras!

Cowboys get tied up in controversy

Rob, [Holbert, Co-editor of Lagniappe Publishing]

When you say that the Comic Cowboys make fun of “the rich, famous and politically powerful” know that they’re the rich, famous, political powerful and the wannabes. Who exactly do you thing is in it? Every judge and lawyer, businessman and politician in town with the right pedigree.

A lot of energy goes into making Mardi Gras happen each year and it’s mostly negative. A lot of people getting drunk and making fools of themselves all while the city continues to suffer. Mayor Stimpson makes a big deal out of Mardi Gras. To promote something to the world that’s still segregated and unequal between races and in wealth, in 2017, is embarrassing.

There’s a contingent in Mobile and on the Eastern Shore who no longer participate in Mardi Gras and now see it’s nonsense. What could be achieved, if we weren’t thrashing the city for three weeks?

No alcohol, no Mardi Gras!


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