My response to NYT’s Paul Krugman’s When Prophecy Fails 

December 24, 2012

My response to NYT’s Paul Krugman’s When Prophecy Fails
Ted Burnett
The United States and its people have become a bunch of emotional and spiritual cripples.  We’re incapable of walking and running on our own two feet because our psychological wounds are being treated with drugs and lots of denial that never heal and not with sunlight and the truth.  The drugs are simply pain killers that allow the infection, the mass, the tumor to grow unchecked in size and if left untreated it has the potential to kill the body, to kill the patient.

What the United States should be able to do on its own — live within its own means — it can no longer do because its spending more money than it takes in running annual deficits and a large national debt.  Without the help of our global neighbors to lean on and loans us money or the actions of the Federal Reserve to manipulate the interest to keep it super low to stimulate the economy we would already be bankrupt.

If the animal kingdom behaved in this same fashion, all the wild animals of Africa’s Serengeti would already be extinct and the oceans would be empty.  When the male lion can no longer defend his pride, his turf from other roaming males due to injury he limps off as the new male takes his place among the females and most of the old male’s young offspring are killed off.  These behaviors aren’t much different from man’s wars.

We live beyond our means.  We’re addicted to a standard of living that we can no longer afford and all sorts of interventions are occurring simultaneously to keep the patient alive.  Talk to any set of parents who are bankrolling an irresponsible child or even a grown child and they will tell you how they’re doing it out of “love”.  However, they make idle threats during every crisis of changing their ways and cutting off their child as punishment, but they never do it nor do they seem to know how to.  They’re enmeshed in their child’s life.

They need their child to be dependent on them and the child without self-esteem and self-confidence needs their parents to fall back on and bail them out of their next crisis that’s sure to happen.  It’s a vicious cycle whose cost only rises with time, solving the problem never gets cheaper with each passing day.  Usually forces beyond the control of, either, the addict or his parents’ control force everyone’s hand in a way that’s costly to all involved, either, emotionally, financially, mentally, spiritually or with their own life.

I’ve seen this take place a million times in the lives of Americans — among the rich and the poor, among blacks and whites.  Mr. Krugman is arguing that the patient isn’t dead, not yet and thus never will.  That’s only because of all the artificial interventions being performed by the “doctors” to extend the patient’s life for another breath, another week, another month or another year.  This isn’t a natural way of life otherwise the patient would already be dead and buried by now due to his own insanity, due to his own death wish.

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