My response to NYT’s Paul Krugman on the Fiscal Cliff Deal
January 1, 2013
Ted Burnett
It’s obvious that Paul and many pundits have never fought in the trenches nor have they led an army of any size into war and come out victorious. The United States is bankrupt and the response to our crisis is nonexistent. We have dug ourselves into a deep hole and we’re arguing about how much dirt to put back in the hole. Will it be one or two shovel fulls, not a backhoe’s worth.

If this were a football game, we’re currently on the 1 yard line and we’ve got to drive the ball 99 yards, with the time running out, and cross the goal line to score a touchdown to save our ship of state. Rather than have both political parties finally realizing the precarious position our nation is in they’re simply fighting each other for pride.

They’re not on the same team or on the same side of the ball going in the same direction. They’re fighting each other in the trenches in a battle of inches, not yards, not seeking gains of 10, 20 or 30 yards, but mere inches. One day the media declares the president and the Democrats victorious in gaining some ground, in gaining inches on the Republicans and the very next day the Republicans are declared the victors for pushing the president backwards.

The victories are only temporary and they’re illusions at the very same time. Nobody is really winning anything surely not the American people and the generations to come. We’re all losers to the insanity occurring in Washington caused by our politicians, by the media, by the pundits. 

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