My letter to Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board.

Thomas Edward Burnett, Jr.

500 Lincoln Street, Apt. B-105, Daphne, AL 36526 * * C: 251-709-0280

May 23, 2016

4000 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., Suite 607
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816

Re: James A. Burnett
Burnett and Walker, LLC
1400 Youree Drive #A
Shreveport, LA 71101
Dear Sir,

I’m writing to tell my story as a “naked owner” living in Alabama involved in a Louisiana family succession case with my uncle, James Albert Burnett, an attorney with Burnett and Walker, LLC in Shreveport, LA.  He’s a graduate of LSU Law Center.  He’s the named executor and is also a naked owner to the succession of his father and my grandfather, Verne Burnett, of Shreveport.  I’ve had to endure his lies, deceit and cruelty regarding this process, which I was told would begin in the summer of 2010, but it never did.  I reluctantly hired Carey Messina of Kean Miller in Baton Rouge and we sued my uncle, Jimmy Burnett, in Caddo Parish where the judge gave us a favorable ruling (June 2014).

The succession is rather simple consisting of a family home, cash and stock.  My uncle as the executor of the succession has never once provided me, as a beneficiary, with a financial statement on the value of the succession (over the following years, 2010-15).  My uncle, Jimmy Burnett, allowed for $149,000 in dividends, interest and a life insurance policy to accumulate in the Louisiana State Treasury’s “Unclaimed Property”.  I think that’s pretty irresponsible and reckless of any executor with the succession’s assets, especially an attorney with over 40 years of practicing law.

This complaint goes into greater detail involving this story, as well as, a prior incident where I was stopped and arrested on a Georgia interstate, in 12-2011.  At the time, I was suffering from mania and psychosis due to having bipolar disorder.  My mother asked her brother-in-law, Jimmy Burnett, to get involved with my case.  Rather than bond me out, as soon as possible, he let me sit in jail for 5 months.  Eventually, I fired him and his attorney, Laura Hogue of Macon, GA and with the help of my U.S. Representative Jo Bonner (R-AL), Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (R-GA) and my new attorney, Karen Martin, I plead out to a reduced charge.  Georgia doesn’t have any laws on its books protecting the mentally ill when we get sick and come to the attention of law enforcement.



Ted Burnett

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Cc: James A. Burnett, Burnett and Walker, LLC, Shreveport, LA
G. Blane Clark, Jr., Managing Partner, Kean Miller
Carey Messina, Kean Miller, Baton Rouge, LA
Ed Ball, Cook and Morehart, CPAs, Shreveport, LA
David Hitt, Atlanta, GA

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