McGowin Park Shopping Center violates the basic principles…

McGowin Park Shopping Center violates the basic principles…

February 7, 2015

To: Mayor Sandy Stimpson

Cc: Bess Rich
Fred Richardson City Council
Gina Gregory
C.J. Small City Council 3
Levon Manzie City Council 2
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“Now it’s up to my administration to make sure we help this project in an expeditious way,” Stimpson said. He added that the administration wants to make sure it stays ahead of any problems.

“It’s just more opportunities for Mobilians to get jobs. With this growth, it creates opportunity,” Mayor Stimpson said. He said he does not have the exact number of jobs the construction work and retail stores will create.

— July 25, 2014


You might want to read this publication on making a city great (How to make a city great by McKinsey & Company) before you do anymore economic and environmental harm to the city as mayor. This one development is ridiculous in size. Everyone in town knows McGowin Park are wetlands, and yet under your leadership, the many acre-size retention ponds visible from the interstate only proves it. It’s an environmental disaster that Dog River will take the brunt of and that the city will have to live with all this construction and asphalt.

It shows poor judgement, a lack of discipline and leadership to think that creating another Bel Air Mall, another Springdale Mall, another Airport Blvd at another interstate exit makes sense. Way to knock the ball out of the park on this one, no pun intended. If this is your best judgement, 4 years is too many! I guess your message to all the local, family retail businesses and restaurants is tough as these big boxes collect our dollars and send them back home to their corporate headquarters. This is not a case of good economic growth for the city. Did anyone on your staff protest against this project?

Check out this video — is there no crime in sight?

McGowin Park Ground Breaking

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Question everything.


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