Going door to door to get your vote! (a lot of rambling thoughts)

Going door to door to get your vote! (a lot of rambling thoughts)

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Note: January 20 is an accumulation of several days of collecting signatures. A total of 10 pages was recorded for that day.

YTD — I’m at 18% or 234 of 36,000 (# based on total votes in Alabama last governor’s race). This project began mid-month and ramp-ed up slowly.

Source of name/signatures came from Starbucks’ customers and friends, Senior Bowl tailgaters, RV City tenants, apartments, condominiums and neighborhoods in Daphne.

The deadline is the night of the June Primary in 2020 by 5 pm in the Alabama Secretary of State’s office, in Montgomery, AL.

When talking to REGISTERED ALABAMA VOTERS, I talk about a government in debt of $20 trillion dollars, of the violence that I see on prime time TV every night and we wonder why we suffer from mass gun shootings in schools, office buildings, clubs and at outdoor concerts in Las Vegas. What do our politicians that you repeatedly vote back into office debate after all of these incidents — guns? One side is for guns and the other side is against. When I grew up in the 1970’s and 80’s, CHiPs was a TV show about the California Highway Patrol and a duo by the name of John and Ponch. Not once was a gun ever used on the show under the orders the the California Highway Patrol who managed how they were presented on that program. Hawaii 5-0, Magnum P.I., Dukes of Hazzard never showed anyone getting shot. Today, CSI, The Unit, Navy Seals is all about shooting and killing, showing the corpse on the corner’s slab. Most Americans will go their whole life without walking up on a violent crime scene and yet Hollywood presents America as being very violent. Today, kids don’t know the kids in their neighborhood but of how our society has changed not for the better, but for the worst.

I grew up in Jackson Heights off Airport Blvd [Mobile, AL] across from Lakewood Subdivision and the Mobile Country Club. We played all day long in various front yards, back yards while running the streets down to Alberstson’s, to Davidson High School during the summer, up to Regency Shopping Center. My eighth grade year, I dropped out of my neighborhood carpool that spring and I started riding my bike at 14 years old to school. I went to Saint Ignatius. My first challenge was crossing Airport Blvd every morning and every afternoon before riding through Country Club Estates where I came out at Hillwood Road and Old Shell Road only to ride along the road crossing McGregor and riding through Spring Hill Shopping Center and out the backside through more neighborhoods before coming out onto Tuthill Lane and riding cross Springhill Ave. onto the campus on St. Ignatius. I did it weather permitting. No problems! Today, no parent would let their child cross Airport Blvd. (the city’s main artery) much less ride the rest of the route, alone.

Does our technology — email, 55″ TVs, websites, smartphones serve as a trade off to keeping your kids inside the house all day or refusing to open the storm door to hear out a nicely dress man make his pitch for running for office to save this country? Today, we don’t trust each other or ourselves. I don’t recall that behavior growing up in the 1970’s in Mobile.

Today, I walked through one of Daphne’s nicest neighborhoods to find apathetic homeowners, neighbors who didn’t know who lived right across the street from them. This neighborhood has a private 18 hole golf course running through it.

Our government just invented a problem for themselves by shut-downing the government. My analogy would be like you popping all four tires on your car after getting home on Friday only to realize on Sunday that you needed to buy four more tires before work on Monday. That’s what happened in Washington, last weekend. In life, I have enough problems. I don’t need to invent more. Tell that to Congress. Our navy had two ships almost sunk after getting hit by freighters within months and sailors killed. Navy veterans tell me that Obama cut the budget and the personnel — middle managers. Veterans expect more mishaps to occur in the other branches due to a lack of training and experience.

I regularly get asked about my stance on abortion from men and I can only shake my head. I personally know of three women who had abortions. Two of them told it to my face and the circumstance behind it. I found it hard to judge either one of them. The third woman was my former sister in law. I married into a family with three daughters. My late father-in-law attended Yale and worked as a physician. He was conservative and a Republican. When his daughter got pregnant while she was off at college the family didn’t want a bastard-child at her future wedding. This Republican family handled this crisis this way, how many other Republican families have faced this same crisis every year? Surely, they weren’t the first to shelve their “pro-life” values for getting an abortion. That’s a family secret that I had to pull out of my wife years into my marriage. I knew something was wrong. That’s three white college-educated women who aborted a child. All were ashamed and felt guilty over their actions. Its not simply a black thing!

Many of you think that I’m crazy or that I don’t have any experience to be dog catcher much less a U.S. Senator. Congress is home to 120 lawyers and look at the mess that keeps growing every year. Its your generation — the best that you can put in government and all we get is a bunch of crap in return. In truth, since the dot-com and 9/11, wars era, the United States has gone from one self-made crisis to another never having the guts to honesty look at their actions. No one in government has gone to jail, no CEOs have gone to jail after wrecking the economy, the world’s banking system. We sent too many kids and adults to college as tuition skyrocketed leaving Americans with a trillion dollars in debt and no real jobs. If you graph these last sixteen years, you could only conclude that this is a bankrupt entity and yet its our drug-addict country.  I asked for your help and not one of you has taken 10 minutes out of your life to print out the petition, to sign it and to get 5 others from your family, friends or coworkers to sign it and mail it back. You’re no better than the people who won’t even open their front door to honor me and my effort. Lazy Americans!

If someone else is your man or woman in 2020 fine, if Bradley Byrne is your man fine. He loves building those “tin can” navy boats on the Mobile River. Its great in the short run seeing those boats get built and launched by Mobilians. The only problem is when they get deployed and some enemy nation fires a rocket at one of those ships and blows a hole in one side, through it and out the other then you got a problem. Don’t believe me? Go talk to the men working at Ingalls building steel-hulled ships and what happens when aluminum catches on fires.  They will tell you that the aluminum will burn all the way down to the waterline. How does a crew survive that threat?

You live for today. I don’t and the founding fathers didn’t. You don’t have to look any further than the documents that they wrote. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution have stood the test of time. The gones in Congress today couldn’t write any of that to save their lives, not even Bradley. You know that’s the TRUTH! Its time for those old goats to go and for all Americans who no longer care!

Finally, under the Reagan tax policies that ran over 4 decades, we can’t build any roads, bridges, seaports and airports because of the notion that raising taxes is bad. Gas is $2/gallon and we can’t get Congress to add 10 or 15 cents with some cap. How foolish is all this? Where’s the wisdom in Mobile and in America?  All I see is a lot of fools.


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Alabama Petition for Ballot Access Independent Candidate (Only Alabama registered voters).

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