Gabby Get Your Gun

Gabby Get Your Gun

Note: The following email is addressed to Gabby Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, who run a PAC (Americans for Responsible Solutions) to support candidates who are for gun-control. This email was written in response to their latest email blast seeking financial support. Some minor edits have been made.

October 20, 2014

Gabby Get Your Gun


Ted Burnett

Is there any real difference between gun violence in America and war? What would Martin Luther King, Jr., who led the non-violent Civil Rights movement in the South to end desegregation, have to say? Gabby accepted the Navy’s very tempting offer of naming a combat ship after her not because she served in the Navy or the Marine Corps or because she was a big supporter of the Armed Forces while a member of Congress. There’s no connection between Gabby getting shot in a supermarket parking lot and having a warship that kills named after her. This isn’t a case of earning an honor, but pure Washington politics and a woman’s large ego. Her values speak clearly. If it serves Gabby’s interests, she does whatever she wants. There’s no discipline, no principles or humility by either one of you. The only difference between one man’s gun and your warship (LCS-10) is that yours is designed to fight in a much bigger neighborhood. Here’s to having your cake and eating it, too!

The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights speak for themselves. You may be smart, but honest you’re not. That’s Washington’s problem and its killing America. People with agendas that aren’t rooted in any truth, which makes y’all look pretty dumb. The gun violence that you protest is really just a symptom of a larger set of personal, family and societal problems. You’re not interested in solving these problems, only in taking away the gun. As a Jew, you’re aware that Hamas in Gaza uses rockets, not guns to attack Israel. The Islamic State’s weapon of choice is the sword for beheading its prisoners. If we took guns away, would violence and death in America end? Is it possible that black-on-black crime and all gun violence would continue in some other form?

Don’t you have a moral obligation to think through your problem rather than point out the first symptom that you see? How would you have liked it if your doctors had simply treated your bullet wound like it was a scrape with just a single Band Aid? Like you, they could’ve chosen to address the wound at the surface never bothering to go any deeper into your head to see if there was anymore bleeding occurring or to remove the bullet fragments.

I know you must think that you’re smarter than the founding fathers that fought for their freedom on their way to writing the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but you’re not!

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