Mental Illness

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Our Soldiers, Veterans and the U.S. Government: A Real Dereliction of Duty

August 3, 2007 Our Soldiers, Veterans and the U.S. Government: A Real Dereliction of Duty By Ted Burnett My father served eight months in the Vietnam War as a marine during the peak of violence in 1968. After his three years of service were up, he was flown back to California where he received an honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps. Even though he had been exposed to combat while in Vietnam, he was not offered even one single hour of counseling/debriefing or decompressing (nor was he required to attend such a session). It’s the year 2007 and the United States Armed Forces’ behavior towards their soldiers and veterans has not changed one pathetic bit. Almost forty years have passed and the total insanity and immorality of the world’s mightiest...

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You got to die before you can really live.

April 1, 2007 You got to die before you can really live. By Ted Burnett Several weeks ago over dinner, my mother and I had a heated discussion about her concerns for me since my latest manic episode. In every previous phone call or get together, I could hear the tension in her voice and see strain on her face, which made for an all around uneasiness for both of us. It was an unspoken topic of conversation but plainly bled into every word uttered by either one of us. While voices were elevated I blurted out to her, “I am living on borrowed time.” After all, since being diagnosed manic with psychotic features at age 32, I had been arrested twice and taken to Mobile County Metro Jail and spent another night in Apalachicola, FL. In every detainment, I was...

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July 7, 2006 Faith by Ted Burnett I am not sure where I stand with regards to my faith. That is because of my bipolar experience several years ago (2002-2003). It was an extremely painful situation. It shook me to my core including my faith. In April 2002, while getting married, I flipped into mania. That July, I was checked into the psych unit at Mobile Infirmary for the first time in my life. I refused medication believing that this crisis would pass. Within the one year, I went manic again on two different occasions and had to be involuntarily committed. I spent a total of eight weeks in captivity in four different facilities in Florida and Mobile (AL) during that time period, the last being a two week stint at Searcy State Hosiptal (AL). Each time, I was...

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