An emerging group deserves acceptance.

March 21, 2007

An emerging group deserves acceptance.


Ted Burnett

As an American living in 2007, I find the Christian Evangelical position on gay rights to be a sad commentary on our nation’s capacity to love, understand and accept one another and our diversity. To witness how an emerging group of Americans are now seeking their rights to same sex marriage and other basic legal rights and how the issue of ordaining gay ministers and bishops is tearing the fabric of Jesus’ ministry and the negative reaction by those claiming to carry out his work is a troubling trend.

This country was founded on the principles written by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. This letter, sent to the King of England declaring independence for the colonies, is one of the single greatest spiritual documents in history.
“All men are created equal…” and “…endowed by our Creator of certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

These words describe a universal truth that we have a direct relationship with God with no intermediary, and we are free to live our life as we see fit. No one or organization, Christian or otherwise, has the right to infringe on an individual’s liberties. They are God given! While I believe this document is not specifically Christian in nature, I do believe it is complimentary to Jesus’ teachings of love, understanding and acceptance of one another.

In Alcoholics Anonymous, an American contribution to spirituality, there is a phrase regularly uttered in meeting rooms all over this country, “More will be revealed later.”
The idea is that while we may not understand or even like why God has circumstances the way He has them in our world today, if we continue down life’s journey, we will see more, better understand and gain wisdom. The message here is we are all on God’s timeframe, not ours. Either He is everything or nothing!

What started out on July 4, 1776, implying “all white men are created equal” has evolved into including black men, women’s rights, civil rights for all races and sexes and now sexual orientation. While some people have immigrated over here in the last two hundred years and acquired their rights sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, others have always been here and are now just emerging in our social conscience. They now want theirs!

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