Posts made in November, 2012

Lagniappe: A letter to the editor on bullying in school

November 29, 2012 A letter to the editor: I’ve been on both sides of this equation.  I’ve been a victim, a bully and again a victim.  My first “bully” wasn’t a fellow student, but the nameless, faceless, religious and bureaucratic system known as Catholic education with its sheep for teachers that deemed themselves as being experts in education when they were anything, but.  My intelligence and that of my classmates was assaulted, daily and for years.  Most don’t know it.  According to their tests, based on their metrics, their artificial deadlines and from my low scores, I was considered “dumb”.  I endured three years of summer schools, beginning in the third grade, to pass courses that I...

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At the heart of climate change

Introduction Last year, I added the faculties from three top-ranked medical schools – Harvard, Penn and Johns Hopkins to my audience.  Having an awareness of the reputation of Harvard’s School of Public Health, I told myself that I would one day return and add this graduate school, as well.  In October 2012, I did just that, as well as, adding two other top schools – Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Public Health.   Enjoy! Ted   P > 14,500   Note: The following essay, At the Heart of Climate Change, made its debut on The Huffington Post, on November 12, 2012.  This piece was written in response to an essay by Arianna Huffington that appeared on...

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