Posts made in March, 2010

Dear Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb – A follow-up email

Dear Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb – A follow-up email by Ted Burnett March 26, 2010 Dear Chief Justice Cobb, Thanks for sending to me, per my request, a copy of the story that appeared in The Birmingham News (AL), and in other news outlets, regarding your tentative plans to host a meeting for state officials (district attorneys, judges and corrections officers) to discuss Alabama’s overcrowded prisons and the high recidivism rate, in September. I am not sure if you had read my email dated “March 12, 2010” at the time you sent me this article. After first reading the story attempts to put my hands back on it, days later, went in vain. My search, both, in the Press-Register and on Google was fruitless. Therefore, my email to you was written from memory, my...

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A History of Convenience

The following link is an op-ed written by Colby J. Cooper, a former advisor, for nearly eight years, to former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, during the (George W.) Bush Administration. Cooper’s piece, appeared in the Press-Register, is in opposition to a non-binding congressional resolution condemning the 1915 Armenian massacres, which his great-grandparents, Armenians, were forced to flee from their native Turkey. See his op-ed and my response below: Enjoy!Ted March 14, 2010 A History of Convenience by Ted Burnett Mr. Cooper, I read your article on The Great Armenian Calamity, in the Press-Register, and your opposition to a non-binding...

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An email to the Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb — prison overcrowding and the high recidivism rate

Introduction The following is an email addressed to Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb of the Alabama Supreme Court. Elected in 2007, Cobb is the first woman to hold this office. She has a distinguished career, after serving almost thirty years on the bench, and is a recipient of numerous awards. Earlier this week, a story appeared in my newspaper, the Press-Register, regarding the Chief Justice’s plans to bring the state’s district attorneys, judges and corrections officers to the state’s capitol to discuss the issue of overcrowding and the high recidivism rate in Alabama’s state prisons. Also, on the agenda are prison tours in an effort to help prosecutors and judges get a better understanding of the dire conditions. In a recent study, by the Pew Charitable Trust,...

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