Posts made in September, 2009

Response from the Congressional Oversight Panel

September 30, 2009 I am sharing with you my latest “achievement”. My essay “Corporate consciousness”, which you received, in August, was published as a “letter to the editor” at, an on-line business and leisure magazine. It was also submitted to the Congressional Oversight Panel (COP) by Chairperson Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law Professor and a member of this audience. Her committee was established by Congress, after last year’s financial meltdown, to track the flow of the T.A.R.P (Troubled Assets Relief Program) money in the banking industry. This is the second time, this year, that I have shared one of my essays with Professor Warren where I later received a letter from her committee. On another...

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the genius of Forrest Gump

After listening for the “one-thousandth” time to the theme song of my favorite movie, Forrest Gump, by Alan Silvestri, I wrote the following explanation about this beloved film. What character are you? Enjoy!Ted September 10, 2009 the genius of Forrest Gump By Ted Burnett Here’s the genius of Forrest Gump, he walked through life partaking in every opportunity that was presented to him. His life was full of amazing adventures that took him across the country and around the world. While Jenny and Lt. Dan were hung up on their past, they were missing out on the present. They missed out on much of their life. With the constant reassurance from his wise mother, Forrest walked with faith and lived in the present. Consumed with their fears, Jenny and Lt. Dan were...

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