Posts made in April, 2008

A Firing Squad of Nine

April 22, 2008 A Firing Squad of Nine By Ted Burnett Earlier this month, the United States Supreme Court voted 7-2 to deny a petition by two men on Kentucky’s death row to stop their execution by lethal injection in the case of Braze vs. Rees. The Supreme Court’s latest action gives further credence to the notion of God’s total absence from our religious society and this “democratic” government. From this one bench – a jury of nine – in the past forty years has sanctioned the taking of human life in two types of situations; one of the rulings was a landmark decision while the other was a reinstatement of the white man’s long-held belief. As the federal government’s justice system, is this news disturbing to your ears? Does this even bother you as a human being...

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The Never-ending story

March 27, 2008 The Never-ending story By Ted Burnett The only real story that is repeatedly told throughout time and is captured in so many famous stories in the Bible, in American and world history rages on today uninterrupted as never before, like a large roaring pot of red fiery crawfish under a hot summer sun along the shores of Mobile Bay. It’s the source of all things good and the enemy of all things evil. It’s the source of health, wholeness and authenticity and enemy of insanity, rot, emptiness and phoniness. It’s the source of having a strong backbone, guts, an iron stomach, a soft heart and a gentle spirit and the enemy of powerlessness, codependency, cold and callous attitudes, guilt and shame, all addictions, any and all things lacking in dignity and...

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