Posts made in November, 2007

Love and Compassion — Lost in Translation

November 20, 2007 Love and Compassion — Lost in Translation By Ted Burnett If you are interested to know how much love and compassion there really is for ourselves and one another in this country and for the rest of the world just look at how we treat society’s outcast – the weak, the sick and the needy. I am speaking of the incarcerated sitting in jails, prisons and mental hospitals, the homeless living on the streets and those sleeping in shelters, the poor and of course the addicted. The entire ministry of Jesus Christ revolved around working with this same population. Due to life experiences, I have come to believe that his message of hope to his followers and enemies, alike, can be boiled down to two basic ideas – live free and speak one’s personal...

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Has America and Its Leaders lost Our Soul?

Note: The following is an email exchange from me to a Southern Baptist preacher, who periodically writes an op-ed piece in my local newspaper. I contacted him after reading his latest essay in the Sunday edition. November 14, 2007 Has America and its leaders lost our soul? By Ted Burnett I hope my series of email responses hasn’t scared you off from further dialogue. I believe this hot exchange of ideas and personal differences is what’s truly missing in our national debate. Rather than seeking solutions to real problems for the welfare of all, most presidential candidates or our elected officials in Washington and at statehouses are trying to score instant and hollow political victories. Personally, I see no real statesmanship with the exception to Obama or any...

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Zeitgeist – The Movie: A letter to the editor

My comments appeared, once again, in today’s edition of the Lagniappe (Where I am now three for three!). I wrote in response to Managing Editor Rob Holbert’s column from the previous edition about a Wal-Mart employee getting sued by her employer, the story originally appeared in The Wall Street Journal. The following link is to his column: To the editor:Thanks for informing us about the disheartening case of the Wal-mart employee, Deborah Shank, and the company’s zealous pursuit to recoup their expenses paid out by its self-insured health plan for Ms. Shank’s medical treatment. I would like to correct one misstatement you made about the world’s largest retailer and its 250,000 employees by labeling them as...

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